Types of Devices

It doesn’t matter what type of devices you are looking to sell, or what condition they are in.  We can help you get rid of them, and get some money back into your budget.

We primarily purchase cell phones, tablets and computers, but we can also purchase many other devices.  We specialize in iPhones and iPads, but also routinely purchase MacBooks, ChromeBooks, Mac Desktops, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Samsung Tablets and many other types of devices.

  • Additionally, it doesn’t matter what condition your devices are in.  We can purchase any devices, whether they are fully functional, or completely broken.  In the past we have purchased devices that have been:
    • Dropped in the ocean
    • Ran over by cars
    • Performed experiments on
    • Bent
    • and even Botched Repairs

If you have devices you are looking to sell or recycle, let us know and we can get your organization an offer right away.