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The iPhone Antidote

At The iPhone Antidote you can sell your iPhone for the highest payout! We buy iPhone's and we do not care about the condition. We will buy iPhone's, even ones that are cracked or broken. Through the leverage we have in our industry we are able to refurbish and recycle our iPhone's efficiently, and pass on the benefits to you! Rest assured, we will never "revise" our quotes after you have shipped your iPhone in. We only have one goal, to have the most satisfied customers. We get almost all of our business through word of mouth and referrals, so customer satisfaction is our #1 objective!

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iPhone Antidote
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Our Motivation

We started iPhone Antidote with the intention of being the best place to sell your iPhone. We noticed that other iPhone recycling websites misled their customers to believe they would receive more money than the companies actually paid. This is something we despise, and have sought to correct in the industry. No tricks with our website, We have even designed our quote calculator to eliminate any worry by only having 4 conditions: New in box, Used, Cracked LCD, or Broken or Water Damaged. Simply choose the condition your iPhone is in, and we guarantee the quote! Sell your iPhone today!